Are Unloaded Guns Deemed Dangerous Weapons?

An unloaded gun might not technically be able to fire, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely harmless. Using an unloaded gun improperly can still result in all sorts of physical, financial, and legal consequences. Here’s what you need to know about whether or not an unloaded gun is considered dangerous.

All Laws about Carrying Apply Regardless of Whether the Gun Is Loaded

Regulations governing carrying a firearm apply to the firearm itself. This means that if you’re not allowed to have a firearm in a specific location, whether or not the gun is loaded is irrelevant. You can still face legal consequences for carrying the gun, even when it’s unloaded. This applies to actions such as taking a gun on private property where guns aren’t allowed or taking a gun to a school. 

An Unloaded Gun Is Still Considered a Dangerous Weapon in Criminal Cases

There are several laws surrounding the use of guns for criminal activity. Any time you use a gun to threaten, attack, rob, or assault a person, the penalties are increased, and you can be charged with “deadly conduct.” Even if the gun was unloaded, it’s still legally defined as a dangerous weapon. An unloaded gun still counts as a dangerous weapon because it could potentially harm someone and because the victim may have believed the gun was loaded. Including an unloaded gun in any criminal action will always be a misdemeanor or felony offense.

A Supposedly “Unloaded” Gun Can Still Hurt Someone

When you first get a gun and you take a firearms safety class, one of the first safety rules you’ll learn is “There’s no such thing as an unloaded gun.” One of the most common reasons for injuries due to negligent discharges is because people think guns are unloaded when they actually have live rounds in them. There are many ways for this to happen, such as if a person forgets he or she had added a round to the weapon a while ago. Even if you think a gun is unloaded, it can still be quite dangerous.

Brandishing an Unloaded Gun Can Lead to a Deadly Response

Even if you’re positive a gun is unloaded, others around you might not be. Guns are serious weapons, and they can provoke very serious responses. If you’re in an argument with someone and the individual sees your unloaded gun, he or she may respond with deadly force. Likewise, if you’re in a tense situation with law enforcement, seeing a gun might cause a police officer to fire at you. Essentially, possessing an unloaded gun can cause you to end up in dangerous situations without having the firepower to defend yourself.

Every person who owns or carries a firearm should know the proper procedures for handling both loaded and unloaded guns, and that begins with high-quality training. The experts at Gun Safety Training Pros are committed to providing exceptional training for both new and longtime gun owners. If you’re looking for a premier online gun safety class, you can rely on the experienced professionals at Gun Safety Training Pros. Contact us today at [email protected].

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