Essential Gun Safety Guidelines for Women Who Live by Themselves

Today, women are more savvy about self-defense than ever before, in no small part because violence against women continues to be a major societal concern. The prevalence of crimes against women continues to rise, putting their lives in danger. Many women live alone for various reasons, including individual choice, divorce, and the loss of loved ones. For this reason, we need to address helpful self-defense strategies for women living alone. 

If you’re a woman living alone, you’re not necessarily more vulnerable to attacks than other women, but it can undoubtedly feel dangerous. To ease your mind and protect yourself from a potential attacker, you need to be prepared for potentially hazardous situations. Investing in a firearm can help you defend yourself when you need to. If you do choose to own a firearm, the ideal first step is to take a gun safety class to learn how to store, handle, and use it safely. Below are some tips you need to know about before handling a gun. 

Learn to Use Your Gun

If you own or plan to own a gun, you should receive professional instruction in how to use it, and you should visit the range regularly to improve your skills. Also, learn how to disassemble and reassemble your firearm. Know the components that are most likely to fail or malfunction. Understand how your gun is sighted, the types of ammunition it can fire safely, and its range and capabilities.

Keep Your Gun Loaded Even when Not in Use 

Always keep your gun loaded even when not in use, but make sure you keep it in a safe. If you don’t have a safe, keep it unloaded and store it close to you so you can grab it and load it quickly if someone breaks in. You can buy a speed loader if you have a pistol.

Only Point Your Firearm at What You Want to Shoot

Always point your gun at your target, in a safe direction, and away from innocent animals, persons, and property. It’s best to keep your weapon pointed somewhere neutral, such as at the ground, except when you’re aiming to shoot.

Identify Your Target 

Never shoot something you haven’t completely identified. In many cases, a bullet won’t stop with your target and could pass through exterior and interior walls. In self-defense situations, make sure you identify what or who may be behind the attacker and then evaluate the risk of hitting the wrong target. You may need to change your fire line to avoid causing more destruction.

Keep Your Gun Clean

Make sure you clean your firearm after each use to allow for optimal shooting capability. If you ignore this process for long, it can obstruct the shooting process and even create unsafe conditions. 

No matter why you choose to own a firearm, it’s essential to make sure you learn how to do it safely. Gun Safety Training Pros is committed to providing the best online gun safety class available. If you want to learn more about the crucial aspects of safe firearms ownership and gun handling, contact us today at [email protected].

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