Can I Safely Keep My Gun Under My Pillow when I’m Sleeping?

There’s nothing wrong with feeling vulnerable as you sleep. After all, you might not hear the noises associated with someone breaking into your home. You may also have a slower response time as you struggle to wake up from a deep slumber. Bringing your handgun into your bedroom might be one solution to this concern. Yet it’s important to carefully think about how you store your gun and ammo so everyone stays safe.

Weigh the Risk vs. Benefit

In general, the odds of your home being broken into are low. However, negligent discharges can happen, and just having your firearm in an unsecured position increases the odds of one happening in your home. Although hopefully you do not need to use your firearm in the middle of the night, it can add peace of mind and is essential for personal protection. However, keeping a handgun loaded and under your pillow is not a good idea. If you’re reaching for the gun under the pillow and your finger slips into the trigger guard unintentionally, the result could be injury or death.

Consider the Possibility of a Child Gaining Access to the Firearm

If you’re a deep sleeper, you may not notice if the firearm slips out from underneath your pillow. Parents with children who crawl into bed with them at night for comfort must be aware that this could lead to a child coming dangerously close to the firearm. It’s also possible that you might forget to move the handgun after you wake up. This could lead to your child or another person in the home finding it later.

Explore Safer Alternatives that Still Provide Fast Access

Responsible firearm owners know there are safe ways to store their handguns without giving up the ability to access them quickly in emergencies. For example, you could store your gun in a locked box that sits on your nightstand. Modern lockboxes can be opened with digital keypads or even with a fingerprint scanner. This allows for the gun to stay secured and still have quick access when needed. The handgun can be kept loaded and ready to go in the lockbox.

Continue to Practice Your Firearm Handling Skills

When seconds count, speed is important. It is crucial to find a balance between safe gun storage and quick access. There is too much risk with storing a gun under a pillow. Taking a gun safety course teaches you the safest ways to handle your firearm. Then drill those skills as much as possible by spending time at the firing range. Soon and with additional training, you’ll feel confident you can arm yourself against danger without putting yourself in an unsafe position as you sleep.

Whether you already own a firearm or you’re considering purchasing one, it’s essential to know how to use and store it safely. Gun Safety Training Pros is committed to providing the best firearms education possible. If you want to learn more about the essential aspects of safe firearms ownership and gun handling by taking a gun safety course online, contact us today at [email protected].

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