How Can I Safely Store My Gun at Home?

Are you a firearm owner? Do you have kids? If so, you should ensure your gun is safely stored so kids and other parties cannot access it. The firearms safety education experts from Gun Safety Training Pros, a top-tier provider of gun safety training classes, offer these suggestions on how to store your handgun at home.

Gun Case

You can get a gun case at local stores that sell sporting goods. These cases come in different sizes and shapes. The material options also vary. Gun cases are affordable, and they ensure your gun won’t incur any physical damage.

There are hard and soft cases, and they can be locked when transporting a firearm to a shooting event. The padlock will be inserted through the zipper pull of the gun case if you’re using a soft case. For a hard-sided case, the handle will suffice. Most firearm owners prefer gun cases, since they’re portable, affordable, and easy to store. Also, kids cannot access the firearm from the locked gun case, which means there’s no need to worry about such an issue.

When you purchase a gun case, pay attention to the materials used in its manufacture. If the gun case is made of plastic or soft fabric, ordinary tools can be used to access what’s inside. Because many gun cases are designed to be light so they’re more portable, a thief can easily gain access to the firearm. To avoid such issues, you should secure the gun case with a structure that’s lockable.

Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are an affordable and simple option that usually prevent unauthorized persons from firing or loading a gun. The gun manufacturer can provide a trigger lock. Nowadays, when you purchase a firearm, there’s a likelihood it will come with a trigger lock. It’s advisable to ensure the trigger lock isn’t installed on a gun that’s already loaded. Trigger locks are affordable, and there are community programs that issue them free of charge. When the locks are installed properly, they can prevent negligent discharge. However, they don’t offer any physical protection for the guns themselves.

Locking Steel Gun Cabinet

These cabinets provide more storage capacity, and they’re affordable. The only issue is that they don’t have fire-resistant insulation. Considering these cabinets are light, they can be moved easily from one point to another.

Quick Access Lock Box

Quick access lock boxes are a great option for storing your handgun at home with the ability to quickly access the gun for self-defense. Gun cases with a padlock or trigger locks can be time-consuming to remove to access the gun. Quick access lock boxes come in a variety of different locking mechanisms. This includes keypad locks or even fingerprint biometric locks. The box can be stored in a nightstand or under the bed for quick access in an emergency.

We all purchase firearms for different reasons, and security is one of them. Because a gun can cause damage when it falls into the wrong hands, you should ensure your gun is stored safely. We’ve listed ways to store your firearm safely, and you can choose the most suitable option depending on your preferences.
Every person who owns a firearm should know how to store it safely, and that begins with high-quality training. The experts at Gun Safety Training Pros are committed to providing exceptional training for both new and longtime gun owners. If you’re looking for premier firearm training online, you can rely on the experienced professionals at Gun Safety Training Pros. Contact us today at [email protected].

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