Tips for Carrying Your Gun Safely

With open or concealed carry being legal in most states, many people choose to carry firearms for protection. Remaining responsible and disciplined can lower the odds of negligent discharges and injuries. Although many gun owners don’t start as proficient firearm carriers, they can become so with plenty of practice and studying. Below are some tips on the safest ways to carry a firearm. 

Find a Gun You’re Comfortable With

When carrying a gun, especially a concealed weapon, you must be comfortable with the firearm. There are good choices out there for you, but it will take some time and thought when making a purchase. Remember that another person’s preference may not be what you like or within your budget. In addition, a firearm can cause discomfort when carried, which is why you need to choose an option that works well for you and keeps you safe. If you want the firearm to be discreet, a full-size gun may not be the best option because the outline can show through your clothing. However, a sub-compact handgun is usually more comfortable and comes with a smaller magazine capacity.

Always Check the Status of the Gun

The firearm’s safety should always be on, and you should only change it when you’re prepared to shoot. Keep the muzzle in a safe direction and the barrel under control. Checking your firearm regularly is a crucial step, especially when walking or navigating stores and other venues in public. When checking the gun, always make sure the safety is still on, and verify that it’s safely secured in its holster.

Buy the Right Holster

Carrying a gun in a holster is required in most states, but becoming accustomed to this accessory can be challenging. There are different styles of holsters available based on design, gun size, and other factors. The carrying position will also vary from product to product. Therefore, it’s necessary to practice carrying your firearm in its holster until you become accustomed to the accessory. Some gun owners choose to place their holsters inside their belts, while others decide to use options such as belly bands and shoulder accessories. It’s essential to have easy access to your firearm in case of an emergency. However, the gun shouldn’t be accessible to others, including individuals who may cause harm to you and your loved ones.

Learn More about Laws & Safety Procedures

Gun owners need to follow different laws, which will vary from state to state. Understanding these laws may not be as simple as you might expect, which is why enrolling in a firearms safety class is beneficial. In addition to learning about things like shooting techniques and ammunition tips, these classes can also provide important information regarding state laws for concealed carry and safety procedures. Even with less strict open carry laws, there are limitations you must be aware of, such as knowing what businesses or locations prohibit guns. Some critical tips regarding gun safety include treating the firearm as if it’s always loaded and removing the entire holster before taking out the gun when disarming yourself. 

Knowing how to carry your gun safely is one of the most important aspects of gun ownership. If you own a firearm, it’s essential to get high-quality training so you know how to handle, store, and shoot your gun safely. Fortunately, Gun Safety Training Pros offers an exceptional online gun safety course. If you need to learn how to handle a gun and shoot it safely, we have what you need. For more information, contact one of our knowledgeable team members today at [email protected].

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