Why Don’t Bullets Have Sharp Points?

Bullets are known for their piercing power, but at a glance they might not look like they could puncture much. The majority of bullets have a rounded shape instead of a pointy tip, and even more conical bullets are actually quite dull when you touch them. Why are bullets shaped like this? The firearms experts from Gun Safety Training Pros, the professionals to turn to if you’re interested in taking an online firearms safety course, explain what you need to know.

A Rounded Bullet Does More Damage

One of the most important reasons bullets are round or flat is because they do more damage. When a projectile with a larger surface area hits a target, it delivers more force and travels more slowly. This is why a pointed bullet will create a neat hole, while a rounded bullet creates a wide crater. Doing more damage with your bullet can be very helpful when you’re hunting or trying to defend yourself. Since they cause a broader amount of damage, rounded bullets ultimately have more stopping power.

Sharp Bullets Aren’t Necessarily More Aerodynamic

When discussing rounded vs. pointed bullets, many people point out that rifle bullets are pointier. While they’re shaped more like cones, even these bullets aren’t actually sharp. The reason for this is aerodynamics. It might seem like air would flow more smoothly around a pointed object instead of a rounded bullet. However, this isn’t true. The most aerodynamic shape isn’t the pointed shape of an arrow or a knife. Instead, it’s more of a U shape. This is why even the fastest and highest-piercing bullets don’t have needle-sharp tips. The rounded shape lets them avoid air resistance so they can travel without losing too much velocity.

You Don’t Have to Be as Accurate with a Round Bullet

Hollow point bullets, which are used for self defense, will do more damage over a widespread area, round bullets can hit vital points even if they land several inches away. When you need to slow down a target quickly, this benefit can be very important. Because most shootings occur extremely quickly with little time to process what is going on, hollow point bullets help to stop the threat as quickly as possible.

Round Bullets Are Heavier

Bullets don’t necessarily cause damage by moving as fast as possible. Instead, a heavy bullet can be a more effective bullet. When a bullet has more weight, it can transfer more energy to your target. Spheres are one of the most efficient shapes for packing a lot of weight into a small space. Meanwhile, pointy bullets tend to be lighter because more of the bullet’s length is taken up by a narrow tip. Ultimately, a rounded shape allows you to use heavier bullets without your ammunition taking up too much space in your weapon.

Whether you’re new to handgun ownership or you’ve owned handguns for years, knowing how to select and use the right ammo is one of the most important things you can do. If you’d like to learn more about gun use, handling, and safety from experienced professionals in a high-quality online gun safety class, reach out to the experts at Gun Safety Training Pros. Contact us today at [email protected].

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