The Art of Concealment

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  • The ultimate guide to concealed carry
  • Learn how to carry and draw a pistol for self-defense
  • Practice and follow along at home
  • Professional firearms instructor

About this Class

  • Learn how to Concealed Carry a Handgun

    From selecting equipment to drawing a pistol from a holster, this course has it covered.

  • Practice at Home

    Step-by-step guide on how to draw a handgun from concealment.

  • High Quality Videos

    100% video based with a professional firearms instructor

  • Over 2 Hours Long

    The total course time is just under 2.5 hours long.

  • Immediate Access after Registration

    You will have immediate access to the course after the free registration form is completed.

  • Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

    Our class works on all devices with a modern web browser.

This Concealed Carry Fundamentals class is designed from the ground up to walk you through the process of selecting the proper equipment to carry a gun, show how to carry your gun, and lastly, teach how to properly and safely draw your gun from concealment for self-defense.

Perfect for anyone that is looking to get a concealed carry license or already has one, and needs guidance and training on how to conceal carry a handgun. Through the detailed demonstrations and instruction, you will walk away feeling more confident about your abilities to safely and effectively carry a handgun for self-defense.

Most concealed carry license classes (CCW, CHL, LTC, CCP, CWL, etc.), only teach basic firearm safety and state law. These state licensing classes do not teach you how to properly carry a handgun or how to select the proper equipment. Our Concealed Carry Fundamentals class fills that gap in training through an online course.

Course Content

The introduction lesson includes the following topics:

  • Firearm Safety rules
  • Clothing – how what you wear affects concealment
  • Course outline

In this lesson, different sizes and styles of concealed carry pistols is discussed and includes the below topics:

  • Full size, compact and sub-compact comparisons
  • Revolvers
  • Ammo Selection

Holster selection is just as important as choosing the pistol to carry. Learn about different holster styles and the differences between them.

The below topics are discussed:

  • Holster materials
  • Levels of retention
  • IWB and OWB carry methods
  • Holster clips (attachment methods)
  • Belly band style holsters

An often overlooked piece of equipment that is important to effective and comfortable concealed carry is the belt. We discuss different belt types and what to look for.

Topics include:

  • Belt types and styles
  • Belt buckles

There are various locations around the body that you can choose to carry a handgun from. Learn which provide the most advantages and what is recommended.

  • Appendix concealed carry
  • Strong side carry
  • 4 o’clock position
  • Small of the back
  • Shoulder holsters
  • Ankle holsters

When carrying on-body is not an option, sometimes carrying off-body (in a bag or backpack for example) is the only possible option. Learn how to do this safely and properly.

  • Sling bags / purses
  • Chest rigs and fanny packs
  • Backpacks

Being prepared for a self-defense situation means more than just carrying a handgun. Learn what other equipment should be carried as well:

  • Magazines
  • Flashlights
  • Medical equipment

Follow the detailed demonstrations for learning how to actually draw your handgun from a concealed holster. 

Topics include: 

  • Appendix two hand draw
  • Reholstering
  • One hand draw
  • Strong side draw
  • + more

Seeing how to draw from concealment is only part of the training. The next step is practicing on your own. Through dry fire drills, learn how to safely practice on your own at home.

  • Dry fire intro and safety
  • Dry fire micro drills

Being mentally prepared for a self-defense situation and having the right mindset is crucial. Learn how you can be more prepared.

Topics include:

  • Mindset
  • Situational awareness

This class is different from a concealed carry license class that may be required by your state to obtain a carry permit. Although this class may help meet your licensing requirements, most state mandated permitting classes primarily cover state gun laws, gun safety regulations and other administrative information. This class does not cover any state laws or regulations. It covers the practical side of concealed carry with detailed demonstrations and information on how to properly carry a gun and how to select the proper equipment.

Please note, once an online class is started, we cannot issue refunds.

Default course access is set for 6 months. If you need additional time to complete the class, please let us know.

Eric has over 19 years of law enforcement experience and is a full time firearms and tactics instructor for a large police department in Texas.  He is the lead instructor for the department’s cadet curriculum and holds certifications in multiple less lethal force options and is a certified instructor for active shooter response.

He is a founding member of his department’s marksmanship team and holds Master Class rankings in both USPSA and IDPA and multiple Grand Master rankings in SCSA.  Eric is an avid competitor and is the Match Director for the largest Law Enforcement / Military multigun shooting competition in the country.  


2 reviews
Renato G.
best online gun course i have ever done.
George B.
Great class. Information was very clear and well laid out.