Basic Gun Safety 101 Online Class – FREE

  • Completely Free Online Course
  • Covers Basics of Firearm Safety
  • 40 Minutes Long

About this FREE Online Class

  • FREE Online Class

    Registration for this course is completely free. No credit card information required.

  • Learn Firearm Safety Basics

    Learn how firearms function, how to handle them properly and more.

  • 40 Minutes Long

    The total course time is 40 minutes and is broken into small sections.

  • Immediate Access after Registration

    You will have immediate access to the course after the free registration form is completed.

  • Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

    Our class works on all devices with a modern web browser.

This course may qualify for court ordered gun / firearm safety training. If there are specific class requirements within your court order, please verify those and contact us if you have questions. 

If you simply need a gun safety class with a certificate of completion, you can take this free class, then purchase the official certificate of completion to submit for proof of completion.

Course Preview

Course Preview!

The Basic Gun Safety 101 online class covers the important aspects of general firearms safety. This class will cover the following topics:

  • Safety Rules
  • Range Safety
  • Safe Storage
  • Loading, Unloading and Nomenclature for the following:
    • Semi-Auto Handgun
    • Revolver
    • AR-15
    • Shotguns
    • Bolt Action Rifle

This class is meant to give a foundation for new firearm owners and is a great review for existing firearm owners. Our goal is for every person to be responsible and safe with their guns.

Yes! Our goal is to educate every person on firearm safety. Firearm Education is a crucial aspect of making sure all gun owners are responsible and handling their firearms properly. 

Many people are also fearful of firearms because they have never received any instruction on how to handle a gun properly. This course will hopefully allow more people to feel comfortable handling and purchasing firearms.

With this free registration, there is no certificate issued for the completion. However, a certificate can be purchased HERE. The certificate can be purchased before or after the registration and completion of this class. 

If you complete this course, then purchase the certificate, you will not have to retake the class. You will be able to immediately download the certificate. 

Charging for the certificate allows us to continue creating material for online firearms training. We want everyone to be able to receive firearm safety training, which is why the course is free, but we also have to pay the bills to keep the lights on and continue producing content.

The class is just about 40 minutes long total. You can take it all at once, or break it up into sections to complete over time.

Anyone and everyone can take this course. There is no age requirement or prior knowledge needed. This course is appropriate for everyone.

This online class can be taken from almost any smartphone, tablet or computer and from anywhere in the world. Just login and begin watching the videos. 

It just depends on the class requirements in your court order. If there are no requirements and you just need a certificate of completion, then yes, it should qualify. You will just need to purchase an official certificate of completion here.

If you are not sure of the court ordered class requirements, please feel free to contact us to inquire further. However, without being able to see the court order, we will be unable to determine class requirements. 

Eric has over 19 years of law enforcement experience and is a full time firearms and tactics instructor for a large police department in Texas.  He is the lead instructor for the department’s cadet curriculum and holds certifications in multiple less lethal force options and is a certified instructor for active shooter response.

He is a founding member of his department’s marksmanship team and holds Master Class rankings in both USPSA and IDPA and multiple Grand Master rankings in SCSA.  Eric is an avid competitor and is the Match Director for the largest Law Enforcement / Military multigun shooting competition in the country.  

When he is not on the range Eric enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family and building custom furniture.

Certifications Include: