Should I Use One or Two Hands when I Shoot My Gun?

Everyone shoots their firearms differently, and in some cases, this is okay. As long as you’re comfortable, safe, and avoid bad habits, the method you use will come down to your preferences and other factors mentioned below. The firearms education experts from Gun Safety Training Pros, your premier choice when you want to take a gun safety class online, discuss whether it’s better to shoot a gun with one or two hands.

Gun Type

When shooting a firearm, you should use the number of hands that make you most comfortable. In many cases, this will depend on your skill set and the type of gun you’re using. For example, you may find it less challenging to use two hands when shooting a rifle, but your skill set may allow you to operate a firearm with one hand and hit your target with ease. Overall, it will come down to your individual preferences and the type of firearm you’re handling.


Shooting for entertainment may not require you to choose between using one or two hands, but if you’re participating in a competition you may choose to shoot using both hands because of the increased stability, accuracy, and ease of shooting. Practicing one- and two-handed is highly recommended. In general, shotting two-handed is going to be easier because of the stability it provides when holding the gun. However, practicing can help you adapt to both styles, allowing you to use one or the other with equal ease.

Trigger Finger

Once you learn how to shoot your firearm, you’ll need to be patient and keep your finger outside the trigger guard. Keeping your finger on the trigger before making a conscious decision to shoot could lead to a negligent discharge and possible injury. It may seem like a simple step, but the discipline it takes to avoid making bad choices when you hold your gun can be challenging. Keep your finger up as high as comfortably possible and away from the guard. This will make it more difficult for your index finger to slide around the guard and onto the trigger if you accidentally slip, bump into an object, or get startled.

Firearms Safety Classes

There are different shooting preferences, including one-handed and two-handed styles, and attending a gun safety class could improve your skills and firearms knowledge. During these courses, you not only learn about laws and protection strategies, but you also get more training on shooting styles. Ultimately, the way you hold the gun will depend on your skills and preferences and the firearm you use. If you’re uncomfortable shooting the weapon, it could put you and other people in harm’s way. However, a firearm safety course could ease your fears and give you more insight into safely operating a handgun.

Getting comfortable with how you hold your gun and practicing your shooting skills are essential to making sure you know how to use your gun safely. You can strengthen your knowledge even more by taking a firearms safety course. Gun owners can count on the firearms education pros from Gun Safety Training Pros for the highest-quality training available. Contact us today at [email protected].

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