5 Ways to Make Sure Your Handgun Is Quickly & Easily Accessible

Most responsible gun owners do not want to shoot anyone; however, they are prepared to use their firearms for self-defense when necessary. That said, there are some valid reasons to keep your handgun ready for those “just in case” moments and added peace of mind. If this is what you prefer to do, the firearms safety education professionals from Gun Safety Training Pros, your premier choice if you’re looking for a high-quality handgun safety class online, offer these five tips for keeping your handgun at the ready.

1. Don’t Randomly Keep Your Handgun Anywhere in Your Home

You may think hiding your handgun in a high cupboard or up on a top shelf is a simple and easy way to keep it accessible. However, it’s surprisingly easy for others in your household, especially curious children, to track down these hiding places. It’s also not wise to stash your handgun under your mattress or in a nightstand drawer for the same reason. Plus, it’s just as easy to forget where you put it should there be an urgent situation if you regularly move it around. For these reasons, a quick access lock box is highly recommended. This does not prevent theft, but does prevent kids and other individuals from having access to the handgun. 

2. Invest in a Top-Quality Safe

Instead of leaving your gun in a place you consider “safe” in your home, invest in an actual top-quality safe you can access fairly quickly when there’s a need to do so. Some manufacturers also make gun safes with biometric technology, which allows for quick access with a fingerprint scan. This eliminates the need to recall your code in an urgent and stressful situation.

3. Know the Laws on Handgun Carrying in Public

For times when you’ll be out of your home or off your property, stay at the ready by brushing up on laws that apply where you live. For instance, some states allow only concealed carry, and others give you the option to open carry as well. A growing number of states have also adopted constitutional carry, which allows legal handgun owners to carry without a license. Knowing this information reduces the risk of losing access to your handgun entirely.

4. Keep Your Handgun Well Maintained

It’s not going to matter how ready and accessible your handgun is if it doesn’t function as expected when it matters most. This is why an equally important way to keep your handgun at the ready is to maintain it regularly. Do this by:

• Doing light cleanings after each use
• Inspecting key parts periodically to look for any issues or flaws
• Doing more extensive cleanings a few times a year
• Using recommended lubricants to keep moving parts working

5. Take a Firearms Safety Class & Practice

You’ll be better prepared to keep your handgun at the ready if you have a solid understanding of firearms safety and related basics. Even if you’re a longtime gun owner, it never hurts to brush up on the finer points of firearms usage and safety to increase your confidence. On a related note, make time to practice on a regular basis. This is another way to boost your confidence while also improving your accuracy and ability to act quickly when necessary.

If you’re a gun owner, having quick and easy access to your weapon is important, but safety should always be your top priority. If you’d like to learn more about gun safety, call on the experts at Gun Safety Training Pros. We’re committed to providing the finest firearms training available. If you’re looking for a high-quality firearms safety course, we have everything you need. Contact us today at [email protected].

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