Tips for Gun Owners to Prevent Negligent Discharge

Many firearm accidents, such as negligent discharges, are preventable. Most of these incidents occur because gun owners lack safety knowledge or don’t focus when carrying their guns. Below, the firearms safety education professionals from Gun Safety Training Pros, the premier choice for firearms owners who want to take gun classes online, offer tips that can help you avoid negligently discharging a gun.

Don’t Be Careless

Even gun owners with a lot of experience can be careless, but even a simple mishap could have serious repercussions. When you pick up a gun, assume the firearm is fully loaded. Being extra cautious could prevent a negligent discharge and keep your mind focused at all times. Being careless also applies to leaving the handgun out in the open when children are inside the home. Unsupervised minors around guns can increase the risk of a negligent discharge. For the safety of your children or young visitors, keep the pistol locked and stored in a secure area minors cannot access without proper supervision.

Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

If you haven’t decided to shoot, your finger should be away from the trigger of a handgun. Keeping a finger on the trigger could lead to a negligent discharge and put your life as well as the lives of others in jeopardy. When holding a firearm, something could startle you and cause you to shoot unintentionally. The best way to reduce the risk of your handgun going off is to determine when you plan to shoot, and only then should you place your finger on the trigger. Conscious decisions are always the best for gun owners, and they can increase safety and security for all parties involved.


Improving firearm safety takes practice, and it would be best if you set time aside to learn more about operating a gun safely and correctly. Practicing can reduce your risk of negligently discharging the handgun in the future. With more experience and knowledge, you can learn how to load and unload your pistol, shoot it, and search for the appropriate ammunition.

Don’t Combine Shooting with Alcohol

If you decide to have a glass of wine for dinner or enjoy a beer or other alcoholic beverage with friends, your handgun shouldn’t be nearby. The chemicals in these beverages can impact your cognitive and motor skills and cause you to discharge the firearm negligently. You never want to make questionable decisions when operating a handgun. Therefore, any type of activity that alters your brain functioning shouldn’t be combined with weapons of any kind, especially a firearm. Using a pistol while under the influence of alcohol could lead to severely dangerous situations. 

If you own any kind of firearm, your most important priority is knowing how to handle and use it safely. Gun Safety Training Pros is committed to providing the best firearms education possible. If you want to learn more about the essential aspects of safe firearms ownership and gun handling, contact us today at [email protected].

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