Is It Legal for a Security Guard to Carry a Gun while Traveling?

Hiring an armed security guard has many benefits for your business or organization, including safety. However, a misconception about this type of protection is that all guards carry weapons. Although some are licensed and authorized to possess guns, others aren’t due to local, state, and federal regulations. This also applies when they’re traveling from one location to another with a firearm in their possession. The firearms education experts from Gun Safety Training Pros, your top choice if you’re interested in taking a firearms safety class online explain whether security guards can travel with guns and why.


Armed security guards are typically licensed to carry their guns in the states they reside and work in. This gives them the ability to openly carry weapons if the states allow or keep them concealed if that’s the current law. When a guard’s license expires, he or she will need to reapply, which could cost more money and require additional training. At no point is an armed guard allowed to possess or travel with a gun unless he or she abides by the regulations and requirements outlined in the state he or she works in.

City to City

Many security guards take jobs in their states of residence but in different cities. In these instances, the laws are generally the same. For example, if your state currently prevents guards from carrying firearms into places with children or where large amounts of alcohol are consumed, your business cannot hire an armed guard to work at this type of venue. Even though you’ve hired the security guard to protect the people at this event or establishment, all state and local laws must be obeyed.

Recognition between States

Some security guard agencies are licensed to work in different states. For instance, if a company in a nearby state offers high-quality service and has established an excellent reputation, you would want to use their services if they’re provided in your area. If this is an option, the agency could send over armed guards as long as your state recognizes gun licenses from the nearby state. You can research the states that have reciprocity laws, making it easier for you to determine which armed guard agencies can travel with guns to work for your business, event, or organization.


Security guards can often travel with firearms as long as they follow the laws outlined by each state. If the guard you hire is traveling to your event or business by car, the laws are different from those governing travel by airplane, and the type of credentials the guard has will determine how he or she can travel. Guards who are armed guards but not off-duty law enforcement officers will need to pack their firearms and ammunition in their luggage and declare what they’re checking to an agent at the ticket counter. Guards cannot carry handguns on a plane. 

If you hire an armed security guard, it’s essential that both of you understand and follow all the applicable gun laws in your jurisdiction. Gun Safety Training Pros is dedicated to providing the finest firearms training available. If you need help finding information on gun laws in your area or you’re looking for a high-quality handgun safety course online, we have everything you need. Contact us today at [email protected].

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