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Tips for Correcting Your Shooting Mistakes

Shooting mistakes are common, but identifying the issues and developing sound strategies are vital to fixing the errors and reducing the risk of negligent discharges, injuries, and other problems with your firearm. When your gun…

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Factors that Affect the Accuracy of Handguns

In one form or another, handguns have been around for centuries, so these firearms don’t necessarily have inherent design flaws that make them inaccurate. In fact, handguns remain a preferred firearm of choice for many…

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Critical Facts about the Constitutional Carry Law

With so many assumptions and untrue statements about the new law governing constitutional carry in Texas, which is already active in several other states, people are unsure where they stand. This is causing panic and…

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Common Reasons for Gun Malfunctions

Modern guns are generally designed to tolerate regular use and multiple firings well. Still, pretty much every gun user will experience occasional malfunctions from time to time. Part of being as safe as possible when…

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How to Choose the Holster that’s Right for You

Holsters are essential for many reasons, such as concealment, easy access, comfort, and safety. Therefore, you should use a holster when carrying your gun instead of tucking the handgun into clothing or other unsecured places….

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