Is It Legal to Store a Handgun in the Glove Compartment?

When purchasing a gun, there are many facts you need to know about the firearm as well as laws and regulations pertaining to ownership. Failing to learn as much as possible could lead to severe consequences. Many people have different questions, such as if they can carry their guns and keep them stored in their cars’ glove compartments. Continue reading to learn more about storing your weapon in a glove box and related issues.

Gun Safety

Carrying a gun in certain states is permitted for individuals who meet legal requirements, such as being of age, having no felony convictions, and completing permit applications. Other regulations, such as those governing storage, include keeping the firearm in the glove compartment. Storing the handgun in the glove box can keep you and your family safe while you’re in the car or if your children are inside the garage or near your vehicle while you’re away. Keep the glove box locked, and only provide access to your spouse or other family members who are legally allowed to operate or carry a firearm.

Alerting Authorities

In many situations, law enforcement officers are the only authorities who must be alerted that a gun is in the vehicle if they stop you for a routine traffic violation or any other reason. Failing to inform the police that a gun is in the glove compartment could cause them to become suspicious if a search is conducted and the handgun is found. Therefore, it would be best to tell the officer you have a legal permit to carry the gun and let him or her know where the weapon is stored.

Plain View

Although legal gun owners in some states can carry their firearms in public, including in their vehicles, this doesn’t give them the authority to have their guns in plain view, meaning they cannot have firearms out inside the car. People outside the vehicle shouldn’t be able to see your gun unless they’re authorities and have asked you to place the firearm on the seat or another location in plain view. Out-of-sight locations where you can legally store the gun include under the seat and in the glove box.

Loaded Firearms

As a legal gun owner, you have the right to protect yourself against harm, which means carrying a loaded firearm. You can also use the gun for recreational activities like hunting, and while you’re traveling to the hunting site, your loaded handgun can be inside the vehicle, including the glove box. To learn more about your rights, safety tips, and storage suggestions, it’s beneficial to take an online gun safety class. The instructors can provide helpful details that could reduce the risk of negligent discharges or legal problems. 

It’s your responsibility to know and understand the law. Make sure to look up what’s legally allowed in your state when traveling with a firearm. None of the information in this article is to be considered legal advice.

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