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Whether you're a first-time gun owner or looking to refine your skills, our courses cater to all levels of experience. We want every participant to gain confidence and competence.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere brings expert training to your fingertips, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience from anywhere at any time with any device.

Expert Instruction

Our curriculum is crafted and taught by professional firearm instructors whose insights and tips go beyond the average handbook, providing real-world applications and personalized guidance.

Interactive and Engaging

Through video tutorials and interactive modules, we make learning both engaging and effective. This dynamic approach ensures better retention of knowledge and the practical application of safety principles.

Gain Confidence

By learning from the comfort of home, our goal is to help build confidence with your own firearms so that you can further your training and skills at the range and in-person classes.

Earn Certificates

On completing paid courses, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion, validating your commitment to safety and responsibility. This not only reinforces your dedication but also may assist with meeting certain legal requirements.

The Online Firearm Training & Gun Safety Experts

Whether you’re considering purchasing a firearm for self-defense or even just for practicing at the shooting range as a hobby, it’s important you know everything there is to know about safely and correctly using your gun. Not knowing how to use a firearm properly could result in injury, destruction of property, or even death. And even if you already know how to use a gun safely—or think you do—you can still benefit greatly from refreshing yourself on basic gun safety. There’s no better way to get the education you need than taking a gun safety class. That’s where Gun Safety Training Pros comes in. We’re the experts in everything you need to know about firearm training and gun safety, and the top-rated online gun safety course we offer is just what you need to ensure you’re handling your weapon of choice safely and correctly.

Fulfill your court ordered firearm safety education training with our online Basic Gun Safety 101 online class and certificate of completion. Our Gun Safety class covers multiple aspects of handgun, rifles, and shotgun use and safety.

What Are the Golden Rules of Gun Safety

If you’re new to firearms or just need a refresher on the correct procedures for safely handling guns, the most important thing you need to become familiar with are the basic rules of gun safety. The following golden rules are the best place to start and are just a few of the key details you’ll learn in an online gun safety class:

Make Sure Your Gun Is Pointed in a Safe Direction – Even if you think the gun you’re holding isn’t loaded, you should always treat it as if it is loaded. Unless you’re the only one with access to the secure location where you store your firearm, you can never be sure if someone else might have loaded it with ammunition or not. If you do know that your gun is loaded, you can avoid serious injury or damage by pointing the muzzle in a safe direction whenever you’re holding it. This means keeping the firearm pointed away from anything you don’t intend to shoot. Start getting into the habit of always knowing which direction your gun is pointing.

Know Your Target and Anything that Might Be Behind It – Whether you’re at the range or (legally) shooting at a target on your own property, it’s important to not only know exactly where and what your target is, but also whatever might be behind or beyond the target. Bullets can travel a long way and even pass through their targets, which increases the risk of injuring someone or damaging property. The best way to avoid these serious issues is to make sure there’s something capable of stopping your projectile’s movement directly behind your target.

Use the Correct Ammunition – You might have come across bullets other than the ones specifically made to fit your gun that also seem like they might fit and be perfectly safe to use. However, you’d be incorrect. Don’t use any ammunition that’s incompatible with your firearm. Check your owner’s manual to ensure you’re using the right ammo, and always inspect your ammo before loading your gun to make sure you’re using the correct type. Using the wrong ammunition could damage your gun or cause you or someone else serious injury.

Keep Your Gun Unloaded if You’re Not Using It – Though you can keep your gun loaded if it’s stored in a secure location—such as a gun safe—that only you have access to, if you choose to store it in a less secure location it’s best to keep it unloaded. Unloaded means no ammunition is present in the chamber or in a magazine. Even if you believe you were the last person to use your gun and know that left it unloaded, you should always check to make sure someone else did not use it and load it without your permission. Also, always inspect your gun before handing it over to someone to make sure it isn’t loaded, or make sure to inform the individual that it is loaded.

Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until Ready To Shoot – Though the safety mechanism on a firearm is designed to prevent negligent discharge, it’s main purpose is actually to be used for when the gun is stored unattended. The safety is a useful tool, and it’s called a “safety” for good reason, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything within your power to lower the risk of an accident. Always make sure to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire, don’t touch the trigger when loading or unloading the gun, and don’t pull the trigger even when you think the safety is in the “on” position. If you want to practice pulling the trigger at home, first triple check that the gun is unloaded and no ammo is nearby. 

Inspect Your Gun Regularly – Guns require routine upkeep. They should be inspected regularly, just like any other type of delicate machinery. You wouldn’t want your vehicle to break down because you neglected to maintain it properly. The same approach should be taken for a handgun. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your firearm, include regular maintenance in your schedule.

Don’t Forget Your Protective Gear – When at the shooting range, or anywhere else you might be practicing with your firearm, always make sure to wear eye and ear protection. Guns aren’t just loud—there’s also debris, residue, or other things that could harm your eyes. Shooting glasses and earplugs are essential (and ranges typically require them).

Double-Check that You Have a Clear Barrel Before Shooting Your Gun – If your gun’s barrel is obstructed, it could fire improperly, or the increased pressure could cause the firearm to explode, leading to injury. Make it a habit to clean your gun before using it, making sure to check for any blockages when you do. Anything that seems off when firing your gun, such as odd noises or weak firing, could mean something is obstructing the barrel. Stop firing immediately and check your gun.

Never Alter Your Gun – Don’t make any custom alterations to your firearm yourself. Not only does this void the gun’s warranty, but it also makes the gun unsafe. If you do want any alterations made to the gun, make sure they’re done by a professional.

Become Familiar with How Your Firearm Operates – No two handguns are the same, which means despite any similarities they all operate differently, so it’s important for you to get to know the firearm you’ve chosen. Before you ever fire your gun for the first time, learn everything there is to know about using it. You need to know how to properly handle the gun, load and unload it, and carry it in the safest manner possible. Always rely on your instruction manual for these details, and you should use this same approach to any other firearm you’re planning to use.

Don’t Use Alcohol or Drugs When Shooting – This may seem like an obvious statement, but it always bears repeating. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the substance could impair your judgement and the ability to safely handle a firearm. This may also include over-the-counter prescriptions. Using a firearm while intoxicated is not only unsafe—it’s also illegal.

Store Your Firearm Properly – If you have a gun in your home, your vehicle, or anywhere else that happens to be your property, it’s vital to store the firearm safely so no unauthorized individuals can use it. A quick access gun safe is the ideal solution for securing your gun and giving you peace of mind.


Professional Instruction for Everyone

Gun Safety Training Pros, a Blue Line LTC LLC company, has over a decade of experience in firearms instruction and professional gun handling. With over 60,000 students, we strive to provide the best firearms training and customer service possible.

Reasons to Take a Firearms Safety Course

The main reason to take a handgun safety class online is already evident—safety. There are safe ways to use a handgun, and an equal number of unsafe methods. If you’ve never used a gun before, you may not have any idea about the correct way to handle a firearm. Even if you’ve been using a gun for years and consider yourself something of an expert, you may have picked up some unsafe habits that you need to quit immediately. At Gun Safety Training Pros, we’ll teach you all of the ins and outs of staying safe when using a firearm—whether you’re practicing at the range or using your gun for self-defense.

Education is crucial when it comes to firearms. You need to understand how a gun functions and how its different parts operate in order to use it safely and correctly. There are many different handgun options to choose from, and each one is different, so once you’ve chosen the right firearm for your needs you’ll want to know how to properly use it in the event you need it in an emergency.

Learning the fundamentals of shooting a firearm is essential. The more you train, the more your accuracy improves, and the more safe firearm practices start to become second nature. Whether you’ve had poor firearm training in the past or no training at all, we can take you back to the basics and get you on a safer path when using a handgun. The more accurate your shooting is, the safer you and those around you will be. Property damage and injury can be caused by stray shots and ricochets, so we’ll teach you how to avoid such incidents and more.

Safety Training

Learn the essential aspects of safe firearms ownership and gun handling.

At Home Practice

Finding time to go to the shooting range can be hard. Find out how you can train in your home.

Concealed Carry

Understanding how to safety draw from a concealed holster is critical. Learn this skill and more.

Real World

All courses taught by instructors with real world experience.


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